About Raw Arts Festival

The Raw Arts Festival started out way back in 2003. Back then, it was just a simple dream of a girl who just graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles, California. Eversince she was young, she wanted to become a fashion designer. Eventually, she started her own clothing line. It was also at that time when she realized that she’s just one of those people who need support. Surrounded by people who are also into music, arts, film and performance, Heidi Luerra created an event in 2005. In this event, more than 750 artists participated.

Just 4 years after the very first event, more resources poured in. The event is not simply an occasion where artists get to showcase their talent. It is also a perfect opportunity for artists to get support and to interact with other talented individuals. The event is now known as the Raw Arts Festival. After the very first event, the people behind the festival took it to the next level by collaborating with various artists and experts both offline and online.

Come 2011, the festival has expanded to other parts of the United States. It has gone beyond Southern California. Before, RAW was just an annual event. Now, every month they have various showcases that features indie talents in various categories and genres like fashion, film, music, hair, art and makeup and performing arts as well as photography. With more and more participants and artists joining the Raw Arts Festival, it has now reached 54 cities all over the United States. In 2012, the festival made its very first debut in Australia. In 2013, the event was launched in United Kingdom and Canada. Eversince it was conceptualized, it has become of the most anticipated events and festivals among indie artists.