When the RAW Arts Festival started 10 years ago, there were about 750 individuals who participated in the said event. But as people behind the group get more tools and resources to further promote the said event, it has become widely known not just in South California where it initially started but also in other parts of the United States and even in United Kingdom and Canada. The RAW Arts Festival is not just an event or a gathering of artists. It is also an opportunity for artists to exhibit their best works. When you attend the festival, there are several activities that you can take part in depending in your specialty and preference. Before, the event was held annually. But with more participants joining the festival and with more interested sponsors supporting the RAW Arts Festival, there are now monthly events.

What can you expect from RAW Arts Festival? For one, the event is the perfect place where artists get to meet and showcase their art pieces and works. There are so many activities available. For performing arts, there are concerts and stage performances where indie artists like singers and dancers get to perform. Apart from these activities, painters, photographers and other artists also get the chance to have their exhibit all throughout out the duration of the RAW Arts Festival. In fact, even artists specializing in makeup and hair artistry can also showcase their work.

The festival is a multi-faceted event featuring a wide array of activities from musical performances, fashion show to musical performances. Artists who are selected get to perform and share their talents. Aside from the artistic performances, they also have a cash bar where participants can enjoy cocktails and a night full of creativity and fun.