Pose @ RVA Street Art Festival (April 12 – 15 , 2012)

Everywhere you look, you can see artworks. It might be in the form of graffiti on the wall, a mural, etc. You just have to take time to see these artworks for you to appreciate art. Wherever you go, places and locations give you various kinds of art forms. Unfortunately, few would take time to appreciate art when they go outdoors. But with festivals like the RVA Street Festival, it goes beyond just showcasing artworks. It is a very special event where artists get to show their work. In return, they can raise money. The amount that artists can raise from this event will be used to support art education for children. The money will be given to local non-profit organizations.

The RVA Street Festival is also a venue to support local artists. Through their creativity and natural talent, they get to show their art pieces. The community as to where artists can do their work also get to be livelier. Instead of having just bare walls, artist can add colors and life to the community. Artists know exactly how to lighten up and revitalize these areas. Now, everyone can appreciate art and also help students and local artists.