Rantai Art Festival 2014

Started out in 2006, the Rantai Art Festival initially begun as a casual event. As more individuals who want to share their art and talents participate in the event. The festival is mainly comprised of young artists who want to exhibit their artworks to public. Every year, artists from various parts of the country and from different backgrounds would gather to showcase their creativity. This is highly anticipated by artists who want to show their work.

The Rantai Arts Festival opens various opportunities not just for artists who have already started their careers but even newbies who want to showcase what they have got. Through the event, there are various creative works shown to the public. From creative performances to actual creations, any artist who wants to get local support can also get the resources they need with the help of this event. From fashion, photography to music, all artists from different categories would gather to show their work.

The vision of the festival is to give a space and a platform where the public get to see and appreciate various forms of art. Everyone can appreciate different types of artforms and performances. Not only does it serve as a venue, it also works as a medium that everyone can use for them to share their ideas and to give comments and feedback.

The Rantai Arts Festival 2014 was such a huge success and for sure this year, many are excited to see what the event has to offer. With lots of creative juices and minds along with talented people everywhere, you can appreciate art and life. This is not just ordinary festival as you also get the chance to enjoy the event, interact with other people and fellow artists.