Street Art- 5 Things to Know Before You Start

Street art isn’t your usual kind of art that you see in art galleries and museums. You often find them in unusual places like when you walk in the corner of the streets and other public spaces. With the creatively and ingenuity that go along in making such art, many are fascinated as to how artists do them.

Here are some things you need to know about street art to know if it is for you:

Know the health risks.

When you see street art, you often find yourself being so amazed and in awe as to how these artists created such work. One of the most common materials artists use for street art is stray paint which is very toxic as it can go into your lungs and even in your fingernails and eyes. There are people who have died from too much exposure to spray paint. But despite the fact that it is toxic, it can create beautiful artworks too. At the end of the day, you just have to be more cautious. Make sure that you use a mask when you use it.

Street art is really fun.

You get messy; you get more creative. Street art is embracing artistry not just in the traditional aspect that most people know, but also making art in such a way that ordinary people can appreciate. There are a lot of reasons why many artists are fascinated with street arts. By doing so, you do not just settle in your comfort zone. You never stop doing unique and original artworks. On top of that, just the fact that you do not make art in the usual way that some artists would, it makes the whole process more fun and challenging.

You have to get used to theft.

When you make an art, you have to accept the fact that the next time you come it might not be in the same way as you have created it. Having an art work in the streets is entirely different to have it on a gallery display. When you finally put up your work there, it might be scrubbed out, taken, damaged, etc.

Street artists use technology.

Who says that the street art is just all about using spray paint? Just as how artists try to be more innovative by embracing technology, it is the same thing with street artists. Technology opens up a lot of creative possibilities and options to street artworks. From using acrylic to neon, there are so many materials and mediums that you can now use to make street art. You just have to fuel up your imagination and start doing it.

Bad weather can be good weather.

When doing a street art, there are instances where the weather can be really bad and you will have to end up wet and cold. But for street artists, this is something that they can use to their advantage. Bad weather means there will be fewer people on the streets. This gives you time to do your work.

Street art is a whole lot of fun. Embrace the uniqueness of making a street art and you will surely be glad that you did. After all, it is a masterpiece on the street, something that every person walking by can appreciate.