This website is dedicated to disseminating information on the Raw Arts Festival. Started way back in 2003, the Raw Arts Festival initially began as a get-together of artists. It was more like a casual event before it finally became an annual festival where artists get to show their talents. Through this annual event, artists from different walks of life and locations would gather not just to interact with other fellow artists but also to showcase their artworks and masterpieces to the public. Every year, participants comprised mainly of young artists would gather to join this fun and creative event. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced artist, this is an event that you should never miss.

The festival goes beyond just showcasing paintings. This is the place where talented, creative and natural artists would gather to showcase their work. Artists in different genres and make use of any medium to show their artistry can definitely join the event.

From fashion designers, painters to photographers, the Raw Arts Festival is an event where natural born artists get to show what they have got. What is nice with this festival is that it is also a venue for makeup artists, hair stylist, performing artist, and film makers. Everyone can join the festival. All you have to do is sign-up and be a member.

At Raw Arts Festival, you get the chance to interact with other artist across different industries and from various backgrounds. With this yearly event, everyone gets the chance to exhibit their natural talent through their artwork. You also get to see and appreciate the works of other artists which can help you further improve your craft.