The RAW Arts Festival started out in 2003 in Los Angeles, California. The city is known to be the home of some of the best and the most prominent artists in the US. When the event finally expanded and as many artists and people gather to support the festival, it has reached to other cities in the country.
As the event draws more interested participants and as the people behind the event starts to come up with both offline and online promotions for people to know more about the RAW Arts Festival, the event becomes more and more popular not just among artists but even those who want to enjoy different art forms.

To date, the festival has already reached to more than 54 cities all over the United States. The very first event that was held outside of the United States was in Australia. Its first international debut was held in 2012. Just a year after the successful international event, the RAW was launched in other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada.

With the success of the RAW Arts Festival in various locations, it continues to grow and reach other countries, inspiring artists and igniting creativity.